That happy bark coming from South Hills right now is special. Early this morning 22 dogs awoke in Pittsburgh to a new life and a second chance thanks to our mission sponsor Lunova Group and Landpilots Peg Cannon and Karen Madden. Landpilots are special people. You see Peg and Karen think nothing of jumping into the Landplane and driving down to Louisville, KY if it means that 22 animals will avoid a life in a shelter or even worse, being euthanized because they cant find a home. So thats what they did, they responded to the call for action and made it happen. Our team met up with Tunica HumaneSociety to help take these 22 on the last leg of their journey from Danger to Safety. Once they were loaded up we made our way back to our hometown where these dogs are now officially yinzers.

We would like to thank the amazing team at Lunova Group for sponsoring this mission and providing us with the resources to make this happen. Without businesses stepping up missions like these are not possible. Thank you Lunova! Be sure to check them out at

All 22 dogs will be available from South Hill Pet Rescue. Please contact them if you or someone you know is interested in one of these animals.

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