19 dogs who had run out of chances made a journey to a new life thanks to a mission sponsored by the Lunova Group. Early yesterday morning Landpilots Teresa Gamble and Carrie Gilardi Kaufman left Pittsburgh for Huntignton, WV where they met these amazing dogs. Once settled in and loaded onto the Landplane the team set off across the state of WV and PA to first delivery dogs to LaMancha Animal Rescue and then Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue. Both shelters give these animals the best possible hope of finding their new families and new lives quickly. These animals made the journey yesterday from Danger to Safety. Instead of becoming another sad statistic, or spending months or even years in a shelter, they wake up today with hope. Great Work Team!

This mission was made possible by the amazing people at the Lunova Group. Their generosity combined, with their passion for animals, enabled 19 dogs to find a new beginning. Support those who help support what is near and dear to all of us, animals. Check them out at www.lunovagroup.com.

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