44 dogs who have made an incredible 7000 mile journey from a meat farm in Wenju, S. Korea are safe in the new No Dog Left Behind Disaster Relief and Transport Trailer. Landpilots Lynda Manko, David Makno, and Brandon Lyda were at JFK Airport in the middle of the night loading and preparing these animals for the last leg of their journey to a new life. These animals come from unspeakable conditions. Humane Society International was on the ground there to shut these farms down. The conditions they were found in are both inhumane and shameful. Our team has the awesome privilege to take these brave animals on this last leg where we will be stopping along the way to deliver these dogs culminating in our arrival tonight in Pittsburgh. Stay tuned for more details during the day. Humbled, tired, and proud to be working on this mission to help Humane Society International.

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