44 dogs are safely on their way to second chance after we were put to the ultimate No Dog Left Behind Test. Landpilots Kim Curtis and Peggy Cannon departed yesterday for Martinsville, VA like usual. About an hour into the trip the Landplane stopped displaying a readout on the instrument cluster. The Landplane needed immediate service but we could not cancel a mission that was already underway. With our emergency plan in action, we had a rental van lined up and ready to go within hours. Nothing stops the No Dog Left Behind Team!

44 dogs are in the “Temp” Landplane right now on their way to meet up with North Shore Animal League America. These dogs were pulled from smaller rural shelters who did not have the resources or population density to adopt them out. Instead of facing a dire future they are going to a place where they will be in their furever homes in a matter of days.

Special thanks to Sturman & Larkin Ford who went above and beyond to get our Lanplane diagnosed lightning quick. Not only did they determine the problem, they got the parts and gave us a huge discount on parts an labor. It takes a village to do what we do and Sturman & Larkin jumped in and joined us in our mission to leave No Dog Left Behind.

All of these animals will be available for adoption from North Shore Animal League America. Please contact them if you are interested in one of these animals.

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