29 dogs from two different shelters all made a second chance journey yesterday thanks to the No Dog Left Behind Team and Landpilots Teresa Gamble and Brandon Lyda. All of these animals shared a common problem, they had run out of time in their shelter. Our team deploys in these types of situations to transport animals from overpopulated shelters to shelters with the room, resources, an a larger population of potential adopters. What makes these situations complicated is that often times the shelters are many states away and there are limited resources available to help get these animals hundreds of miles away. In that case, and without anyone coming to the shelter to adopt all of the animals, the painful choice is made to euthanize. No Dog Left Behind’s mission it to give shelters another option and their animals a second chance. When called upon our team puts together a rescue mission funded by public donations. Whether is be by air or by land these all volunteer missions set out to bring these animals from these dangerous situations and place them in a new safe one sometimes hundreds of miles away.

Yesterdays mission stretched over two days. Brandon and Teresa left on Friday for Tennessee. There they spent the night in a hotel and rested up. Early in the morning they set out to meet 29 animals from Animal Rescue Assistance Team. Once all the animals were loaded in their crates, paperwork was completed, and goodbyes were said, Teresa and Brandon set out for their return trip. Along the way the sounds of excited dogs filled the Landplane. Our rescue pilots all say the same thing, when you first load the animals you get this overwhelming feeling that they understand what is happening and they are just as excited as you. These animals who were just a few days away from being euthanized are now in a truck or airplane, flying or driving to a new life. The time, effort, and resources that go into these missions is enormous.

The team made it back late last night, having spent their entire weekend driving just to give 29 animals hope. We met up with the Adams County SPCA and South Hills Pet Rescue to deliver these incredible survivors. Each one spent their first night last night out of danger. Today they wake up to a new beginning.

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