What our team did to give hope to 25 animals this weekend is nothing short of amazing. This is dedication to helping those without a voice the likes of which is hard to quantify. We got a call from our friends at The Humane Society of the United States about a small group in Louisiana that was desperate for help. Paws 4 Life is a 100% No Kill shelter that was at capacity and needed to make room for a cruelty case that was going to leave them over capacity. 25 dogs, some of whom have been there for 2 years, needed to find a shelter to take them. The shelter that agreed, Animal Welfare League Queen Anne’s County in Maryland, was ready and willing but could not get the animals there. Time was running out and something needed to be done.
Yesterday morning No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Melissa Garvin and Nancy Pitcavage drove 1104 miles to Louisiana, with a stop over for rest in Alabama. Early this morning they loaded up and set off for Maryland. Along the way they needed to cross the Mississippi River. For the first time a mission involved crossing by boat. The Landplane, with dogs in tow, bored a boat making the first Land and Sea Mission. The team then headed for North Carolina to meet No Dog Left Behind Pilots Cindy Lee and Ken Adler who drove down from Pittsburgh to meet them. The dogs could not spend the night so we switched teams in North Carolina. Somewhere on a highway right now the No Dog Left Behind team is closing in on our final destination.

Close to a 2300 mile trip across the country to bring animals from Danger to Safety. Another day at the office for our incredible volunteers. With this mission our team closes in on our 5000th rescue. Amazing, stupendous and awe inspiring work Ken, Melissa, Cindy, and Nancy. No Dog Left Behind.

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