What a difference a few weeks make. 3 of the Korean meat farm victims we transported to a private shelter have made a miraculous turnaround after spending some time being rehabilitated. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Melissa Garvin and Kathy Yarnick left early on Sat morning to help these amazing animals one more time. When we first saw them two weeks ago they were shy, timid, and scared. We brought them to a private rescue who worked with them to get them adjusted to their new life. This was the first time they had freedom to roam, love from humans, and basic things like a simple toy to play with. When we saw them again on Saturday they were completely different animals. Happy, loving, and energetic they greeted our Landpilots with hugs and kisses. It brought a tear to our eyes to see something this beautiful happen for these animals. After surviving a terrible life in a meat market, the 7000 mile journey to the United States, and the adjustment to a completely new life, it fills us with hope for all animals. No animal should be treated like these animals were but more importantly, no animal should be given up on. Almost all can be saved. None should be left behind. Now adoptable, these 3 were ready to go to a shelter so they can find their furever home and complete the story.

Joining them on this journey were 8 animals from Mayberry 4 Paws who needed a second chance. Without anywhere to go, their only hope was to move. Our team met them in Pittsburgh where they boarded our Landplane. These 8, along with the 3 Korean dogs, all rode in style to the Jefferson ASCPA in Watertown, NY. As you can see from the pics we had to brave a slight snowstorm to during the trip. All 11 dogs are now safe and sound now with a bright future and a new lease on life. Great work to everyone who was involved on this journey!!! No Dog Left Behind.

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