7 animals who made a 7000 mile journey from danger to safety are resting peacefully this morning thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Jen Hershberger and Amy Owens. Humane Society International orchestrated an incredible mission halfway around the world to shut down a S. Korean Meat Farm. These animals are kept in the harshest of conditions for the purpose of being slaughtered for their meat. Early yesterday Jen and Amy took the Landplane down to Dulles Airport to meet these 7. Once loaded up they made multiple stops along the way, constantly adjusting to a dynamic and changing rescue. This is our 5th deployment on this incredible mission and each time our team goes above and beyond. 6 of these animals came to Western, PA late last night. Jen and Amy didn’t get back to the wee hours of the morning. These deployments, for this very special mission, have been an incredible experience for everyone here at No Dog Left Behind. We cannot thank our donors, our supporters and our friend enough. Without you none of this would be possible. With teamwork and compassion we can truly leave No Dog Left Behind.

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