7 dogs who have made a 7000 mile journey from a meat farm in Wonju, S. Korea have a new home in Western, PA thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Chris Klasik and Nancy Pitcavage. Team 3 left late last night with a special passenger from yesterdays mission on board. Chris and Nancy had the honor of delivering him to his furever home while on their way down to Washington, D.C. The team spent the night and this morning they loaded these dogs in the Landplane for their final voyage. These animals received tremendous support from a team of volunteers along the way. Humane Society International led the way in making this trans-pacific rescue a reality.

No Dog Left Behind has driven close to 3000 miles over the last week. We are tired, humbled, and overwhelmed with happiness to be a part of the effort to give these animals the second chance they deserve. They were in bad shape, having spent their lives in derelict beaten down cages, in the cold, and without ever knowing human affection. It was very difficult for us to even get pics of them due to their frightened state. While its hard to look at please remember that these animals will get better. They will begin to learn that not all humans are bad. They will join families and get the love and attention they need. They will have gone from danger to safety because of you. The people who support organizations like No Dog Left Behind make these missions a reality. You all played a No Dog Left Behind. There are more good people like all of us than the bad people who did this to these animals. When we join together we can overcome and reach all over the planet to help. Its a good day to love animals.

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