15 dogs who had run out of time found a new lease on life thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Kevin Kautz and Nancy Pitcavage along with a whole class of students who sponsored the mission. The Hampton Township School District High School’s Latin Club spent the whole fall semester raising money for No Dog Left Behind through bake sales and collections at their school functions. They raised $500 to fund their very own rescue mission. These kids, and their determination to make this a reality, is an inspiration to all of us and a reminder that there is so much good in people of all ages.

These 15 adult animals came from our partners at Mayberry 4 Paws and were taken to the Jefferson SPCA and the Fort Erie Spca in Canada where each one of them will have the chance to find their furverer home before the end of the year. Kevin and Nancy braved some of the worst conditions we have seen, with snow covered roads and near whiteout conditions to make this happen. The dedication by our two Landpilots combined with the unbelievable work ethic of the students whose mission this is in honor of can’t not put a huge smile on your face. It takes a team of people working all over to make these missions happen. So many people all working hand in hand to give a second chance to animals they have never met… its magic.

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