We just love a happy ending. 31 animals are in the safe hands of North Shore Animal League America and one lucky dog made a trip that started in North Carolina that made it back to Pittsburgh via Long Island thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Jennifer Hershberger and Amy Owens. The ladies left Pittsburgh on Monday for Martinsville, VA and spent the night to recharge. Early on Tuesday morning they loaded up 31 animals from Martinsville Henry County SPCA and headed for North Shore to give these 31 hope. These animals came from rural areas in the South where their shelters did not have room. Instead of being euthanized their safe passage was arranged by our team and they got the second chance they needed.

Last week we had a rescue trip where one special dog from North Carolina named Tinkerbell stole everyones heart. She was an older dog that was surrendered at a shelter for unknown reasons. She was as sweet as could be and everyone instantly fell in love with her. On our trip to North Shore Animal League she broke out of her cage and found comfort on Lynda Manko‘s lap. Lynda phoned a friend that she thought would adore Tinkerbell and after a few calls she was adopted. On todays trip we picked her up and brought her back to Pittsburgh to meet her new Mom and No Dog Left Behind Volunteer Annette Clements. Tinkerbell became Stella and Annette found the new love of her life. A happy ending and another No Dog Left Behind Volunteer adoption. We love when that happens!!! Great work Jennifer and Amy and welcome home Stella! (Stella is the last three photos)

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