11 dogs were seeking a second chance and No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Kathy Yarnick and Bethany Montecalvo delivered. The duo made the long drive yesterday to Lewisburg, TN to meet Animal Rescue Assistance Team Tennessee. Early in the morning they loaded them into the Landplane and made the drive back up to Pittsburgh to deliver them to South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort. There these animals now have the chance they need to find their forever homes. These kinds of trips are what we are all about. 11 older dogs who had run out of time now have the opportunity to become a beloved member of someones family. Great work Kathy and Bethany.

Please share these pics if you are local to the Pittsburgh area. Lets get these special animals adopted quickly, The animals will be available in a few days from South Hill Pet. Contact them and bring one home!

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