Its cold, its windy, and its dark. Ordinarily these are not the conditions you want when flying small airplanes over mountainous regions but that is exactly what No Dog Left Behind Pilots Dustin and Karen Peterson did last night to help give a second chance to 10 animals. The duo departed from Morgantown, WV and flew down to Huntington, WV to meet the Humane Society/SPCA of Sumter County, Inc. 10 adorable animals who had run out time at the shelter boarded Dustin’s Cirrus and headed out to meet Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue at the Lancaster, PA airport. With winds gusting past 25kts Dustin did what had to be done in order to bring hope to these dogs. This morning they awoke in a new world with a bright future. Great mission Dustin and Karen. Thank you for taking the risk to make this happen.