12 kind animals got the chance today to truly go from Danger to Safety. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Lynda Manko and Kevin Kautz stepped in at the last minute to take this trip. The team met Mayberry 4 Paws today in Pittsburgh and departed for #1 Jefferson SPCA where these animals will get the second chance they deserve. It was a touching mission for the team after seeing the condition these animals were in. Lynda sent us this message from the road,

“It is these rescues that remind me of why we do these missions. These dogs are so skinny with bones showing everywhere. Flea bites and scars…. scared to death and not so much as a growl. They are probably 12 of the most beautiful and sweet dogs we have ever had with us”

Great work today Lynda and Kevin. Thank you for stepping in at the last minute to make this trip happen. This mission was made possible by Jennifer Lennartson who was this missions sponsor. Thank you Jennifer. Your sponsorship really made an amazing difference in the lives of these 12 dogs.