On a beautiful fall morning No Dog Left Behind Pilots Brad Childs and Jonathan Plesset took to the sky to give a second chance to 7 animals that needed a break. The duo departed Allegheny County for Charleston, WV to meet B.A.R.C Boone Animal Rescue Coalition and transport driver Sherry Cooke. These were special animals. They yearn for love and need help in finding their way. The larger dogs were so gentle and kind it breaks your heart to try and figure out why people would just dump them. The puppies were without their Mom when they were found. Its a sad story that is told too often. Today though these animals are on their way to a new life. The animals flew with Jonathan and Brad to Hagerstown, MD to meet Molly who will foster the puppies and take the others to Ritner Kennel Rescue where they will be eventually placed in their furever homes. A fantastic mission that gives hope to 7 animals who just needed a break. Great work Jonathan and Brad. What an amazing air rescue season we have had in 2016!