The first image says it all. A dog whispering in the ear of No Dog Left Behind Landpilot Kevin Kautz “Thank you.” Kevin, along with Landpilot Melissa Garvin, gave 43 dogs the help they needed on their journey from danger to safety. This was a special mission today, two selfless No Dog Left Behind volunteers taking the 2 day trip at the last minute to give hope to animals is an inspiring and amazing thing to witness. 1200 miles on the road to meet our friends at Martinsville Henry County SPCA and help get these dogs to salvation at North Shore Animal League America. They did it because someone had to step up. Someone had to push these animals over the top so that they could see another day. Thank you Kevin and Melissa.

Todays mission would not have been possible without the amazing support we have received from Bobby Wallo of RickJohn Roofing. Bobby and his company are animal lovers and wanted to find a way to make a huge impact in helping animals. I think it is safe to say that he accomplished that by sponsoring todays mission and doing his No Dog Left Behind to help 43 animals today. Thank you Bobby and everyone at RickJohn Roofing!