Busy weekend for the team as 5 more dogs were rescued today by the Air Team! Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Jeff Bonasso flew to Huntington, WV to meet The Paws Squad and their amazing transport guru Robin Kilgore who had 5 rambunctious doggies in tow. 5 animals who faced a dire situation, move today or face no longer having a tomorrow. We don’t always realize this but what a loss for everyone if these dogs, which will bring years of happiness to someone, were lost because we just didn’t bother to help. Its the thought that keeps us all fighting to give these animals hope. 5 dogs, on their way to the Butler County Humane Society, won’t have to face that choice tonight. They will wake up tomorrow with a second chance and a new future. Pick ways to put good in the world. Little by little, it all adds up. Great work today guys.