There are amazing people out there who will stop at nothing to give hope to animals even if it means driving over 1000 miles in one day. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Teresa Gamble and Brandon Lyda happen to be those people. They represent the best of the No Dog Left Behind Team and we are all humbled by their sacrifice. 8 dogs who needed a miracle were given one today when they took to the road on a special Sunday mission. The Landplane was unavailable and the dogs were too big to fly so we rented a Uhaul and set out for Lewisburg, TN to meet the Animal Rescue Assistance Team Tennessee. 8 dogs that faced a bleak future are on the road and off to a new beginning at South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort here in Pittsburgh. 1200 miles driven in one day. A simple “Good Job” Teresa and Brandon is not nearly enough. These two exemplify the meaning of No Dog Left Behind. So proud of you two!!!