What does it take to help give a second chance to 41 animals? Determination, a willingness to sacrifice, and the desire to reach out and help the helpless. This is exactly what No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Paula Zetter and Lori Skovranko set out to do yesterday. Not many people understand what a Landpilot goes through. 8 hours of driving, a night in a small motel, then off for another grueling 13 hour drive. Its an exhausting experience but these special volunteers are lined up to make sure these animals have someone in their corner fighting to give them the life they deserve. You are looking at animals that are in a constant state of flux. They wake up not knowing where they will be, who will take them home, or how they will survive. While you look at these pics and wonder how could this happen the reality is that this is going on everyday all over the world. We need to stop this. We need to respect the lives of animals.

All 41 of these animals is now enroute to North Shore Animal League America. There they will receive the best care possible and the chance to go home with a lucky family. Please share these pics and remind people that with a little determination, and the willingness to help, everyone of us can make a difference.