38 animals woke up this morning in a new home with a second chance at life. These lucky ones traveled from shelters all over the south, born into situations were there was no hope for them, no space in the shelters, and little chance of finding that one family who will take them home. Its shocking to think that right now thousands of animals today are waking up in that same hopeless situation. They need help, they need compassionate people to come to together and alter their future. For these 38, that help came in the form of No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Lynda Manko and Chris Klacik.’

Early Monday morning Lynda and Chris set out on the 1200 mile round trip mission to Southern Virginia where they met up with these 38 animals and offered them hope in the form of a one way ticket on the Landplane to new life at the worlds biggest no-kill animal shelter, North Shore Animal League America. There these animals will go from the edge of danger to a new beginning. These missions couldn’t happen without our amazing team of volunteers and the generous support of our donors. Great work Lynda and Chris!!