2 special dogs made their second chance flight yesterday thanks to No Dog Left Behind Pilot Dustin Peterson and his 13 year old Olivia. Dutchess, the brown/white female, is pregnant which added to the urgency to give her and her unborn litter safe passage to a new home. Dozer, the light brown doggie hitched a ride as well, needing the same second chance that his flying partner received. This is an important mission for a few reasons. Dustin wanted a way to expose Olivia to the issues facing animals and the good people out there who do all they can to help every one of them. An avid animal lover herself, Olivia learned valuable life lessons on hope, second chances, and the proper treatment of beings without a voice. A future No Dog Left Behind pilot in the making we are sure! The animals flew out of Charelston, WV from Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue to Sellersville, PA and into the hands of Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, Inc – PMAR. Great work Peterson Family!!

Please contact Pibbles & More if you are interested in adopting one of these animals.