No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Teresa Gamble and Brandon Lyda spent most of the weekend helping to give 22 animals a second chance and a new beginning. The two Landpilots left on Friday for Columbia, TN to meet Animal Rescue Assistance Team Tennessee and 22 adorable dogs. These lucky ones took the 600 mile road to salvation on board our Landplane all the way back to Pittsburgh and our partners at South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort. From adult dogs that were no longer valued, to a mother with her new litter, this batch of animals ran the spectrum of what No Dog Left Behind sees weekly. The central theme though is not about the sadness, rather its about the overwhelming number of good people we meet on these journeys all willing to play a small part in giving hope to the hopeless. Thank you everyone who helped give hope to these dogs. Thank you Teresa and Brandon for getting them past the finish line!

All of these animals will be available for adoption from South Hills Pet Rescue. Please contact them if you are interested and please help spread the word.