At around 10:00 am EST No Dog Left Behind rescued its 4000th animal as a part of a 45 dog rescue mission. Landpilots Kim Curtis and Jenn Hershberger piloted the Landplane to Martinsville, VA yesterday and spent the night dreaming of who the 4000th animal would be. Early this morning they arrived at the SPCA of Martinsville-Henrey County and loaded up 45 dogs who were in desperate need of a savior. The 4000th dog is a cutie that we have named Oscar. He is enroute now, along with the other 44, to meet North Shore Animal League America where these animals will be up for adoption and in the hands of their furever homes in no time. Great work Kim and Jenn!

On behalf of the whole team here at No Dog Left Behind we want to thank our Facebook friends for all of your support, your likes, your comments, and your shares. The whole team reads all of them and your support has been instrumental over the last few years in helping us reach more and more people and in return help more and more animals. Thank you everyone.

All of these dogs will be available from North Shore in a few days. Please contact them if you are interested in adoption.