On a special day 14 dogs found the love they needed to make the journey from Danger to Safety. As we reflect on the events of 9/11 15 years ago today let us remember that there is still so much good that happens all around us everyday. That good was demonstrated today by No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Teresa Gamble and Brandon Lyda who traveled all the way to Tennessee to give 14 animals without a future hope for a new lease on life. The team met Animal Rescue Assistance Team Tennessee early today to load these animals in the Landplane and bring them back to Pittsburgh, to our friends at South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort. There these animals will be vetted, cared for, and then adopted into loving families in the Pittsburgh area. There is still, and will always be, more good in humanity than bad. A cowardly act to gain exposure for a dying ideology is no match for the lengths in which good people will go to help even the most helpless of all of us. Thank you Teresa and Brandon for reminding us all of that lesson. Great work.

Please share these pics and help finish these animals journey by helping them get noticed. If you are reading this message and would like to inquire about one of these animals please contact South Hills Pet Rescue via their link above. Lets get all these 14 animals adopted in record time!