5 kids, all future Land or Air Rescue Pilots, banded together to raise enough money to sponsor their own rescue mission. Conner de Francisco, Mia and Jake Foster and Alex and Nick Oprison this mission is for you. You are all members of the No Dog Left Behind Team now and this mission was done in you name! What a great thing the five of you have done. 5 animals now have a chance thanks to your efforts. We are all proud of you.

Pilots Brad Childs and Dustin Petersen flew today on a two-part mission with our friend Jack Merritt of Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue to take 5 animals from Danger to Safety. Dustin, having just met the team at our fundraiser, signed up immediately with his Cirrus SR22 out of Morgantown, WV. He picked Brad up in Pittsburgh and flew the two of them flew to Huntington, WV to pickup these 5 adorable animals. We are happy to welcome Dustin to the air team! We already sent him home with supplies and this new addition opens up a whole new route for our team. The team arrived back in Pittsburgh to meet Jack where he flew the dogs back to Greenmore.

All of the animals will be available at Greenmore Farm in a few days. Check with them via their FB page if you are interested in adopting.