27 dogs have found a second chance thanks to our two biggest rockstar Landpilots Laura Fruehan and Lynda Manko. The dynamic duo, with the most saves by far of anyone on the team, departed yesterday for Lewisburg, TN to meet Animal Rescue Assistance Team Tennessee and Fayetteville-Lincoln County Animal Shelter. This batch of animals are very special and their stories really touched our hearts. One Mother/Daughter duo’s story was particularly moving. The Mom was forced to live outside and ended up having a puppy that was forced to live with her in a small cage outdoors. Thankfully these two were finally given up for adoption and are now on their way to a new life. The team is headed back to Pittsburgh right now and these animals will be going to South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort where their amazing team will give these 27 the life they deserve. Great work Lynda and Laura, the backbone of the team!

These dogs will be in Pittsburgh late tonight and will be available for adoption from South Hills Pet Rescue in a few days. Please contact them if you are interested in taking one home.