48 adorable animals have recieved a second chance and a new lease on life thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Laura Fruehan and Melissa Morris. The ladies left on Monday for Martinsville, VA and spent the night. Early on Tuesday they headed over to Martinsville and loaded up the dogs. This was a truly adorable bunch. These dogs were the lucky ones. They were pulled from smaller shelters who didn’t have the resources to handle them. Instead of facing a dire future they instead hit the jackpot and are safely in the hands of the worlds largest no kill shelter, North Shore Animal League America. There these 48 will have access to the best resources on the world and millions of potential people all looking for a doggie just like them. Its one of our favorite runs that we love doing because we get to help in so many ways. Great work ladies… you are awesome!

All of these animals will be available in a few days from North Shore. Give them call and go check out one of these special animals.
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