6 animals were saved today in a last minute rescue to Raleigh, WV. Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehman were called into duty after we heard about 4 tiny puppies that were abandoned and without their Mom. These tiny souls are a little over 6 weeks old and we are not sure how someone could abandon then without their mother. Along with the 4 pups we have one Doxine/Corgie mix that lost her owner in hospice and needed extra love and attention. She has some health concerns being so overweight but we are sure someone will take on the project of helping her regain a healthy lifestyle. The last dog, a shepard mix, was extremely shy and timid and needed to get out of a shelter and off to someplace better. The pilots met the Raleigh County Humane Society at Beckley Airport and flew back to Pittsburgh to meet Pilot Jack Merrit of Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue. Jack then flew the six doggies to outside Philadelphia where they will get their second chance at finding their forever homes. Great day for a rescue and we are thrilled we could mobilize so quick. Good work Pilots!

All of these adorable animals will be available from Greemore in a few days. Be sure to check their Facebook page for details.