20 animals were saved today thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Teresa Gamble and Brandon Lyda. The duo has spent the last two days on this mission having left Pittsburgh yesterday for Columbia, TN. After spending the night, and recharging their batteries after a long drive, the duo woke up this morning ready to give these 20 lucky dogs their second chance. Animals who have had a hard life now on their way to a bright future. The team met the Animal Rescue Assistance Team Tennessee early this morning and loaded these 20 beautiful animals in the Landplane. Teresa and Brandon then spent 10 hours on the road back to Pittsburgh where they met our good friends at South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort. The animals will spend the next few days being looked at and then become available for adoption in a few days.. Amazing dedication and work by our Landpilots today. Great work you two.

Please share these photos with anyone you think might be looking for a dog. These cuties need you. We have given them their second chance, you can give them your home.