It was a heartwarming two day mission that reminded all of us how lucky we are. The mission started out with a call to Jimmy Altvater of the Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Department answering their urgent request to transport a huge collection of supplies to flood ravaged West Virginia. Last night No Dog Left Behind Co-founder Brad Childs, along with Landpilots Kathy Yarnick and Melissa Morris met the crew at the fire station and spent a few hours loading over $100k worth of supplies into the Landplane. With the Landplane loaded to capacity the team went home for the evening and turned the reigns over to the transport team.

Early this morning Landpilots Kathie McConnell and Teresa Gamble arrived to the Landplane and for the first time saw it not filled with crates, but with lifesaving supplies for people who have literally lost everything. Kathie just sent us an email and I think its best to hear it in her words.

“It has been a long, hard day that has been rewarding and emotional. The devastation is unbelievable in Clendenin WV. I was approached by people looking for help with found dogs and kittens. I spoke with a woman who was looking for a home for a pit bull she pulled from the flood waters as her house was destroyed . She is staying in a trailer in her front yard but still caring for this 4 legged survivor. People looking for mobile pet clinic’s they had heard of. People who have lost everything and already being told for one reason or another they are not eligible for federal aid. I came away uplifted by the amount of aid pouring in from us simple people and disturbed wondering how the people who so desperately needed that aid was going to get to it. Washed out roads. Submerged cars … how to get it in their hands ? Bothered me greatly. One pastor said he was trying to get what he could to those he could. But what if you were the one at the end of that washed out road ? Sorry to be so mundane , but I was touched today… a good way..
The way you remember….”
-Kathie McConnell