Something special is happening in West Virginia. From the devastation and heartbreak caused by the flooding comes an outpouring of the very best of humanity. No Dog Left Behind Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pat Wysor embarked on a special mission today to lend our assistance to the cause. We got a call from the American Humane Association about the need to airlift animals out of the area. They have been on the ground working tirelessly to save thousands of animals. The mission would include the delivery of much needed medical supplies along with an amazing doctor named Dr. Megan Garrison who caught a flight with us to return to frontline to help.

3 Dogs hitched a ride with us on our return trip. These 3 came from abusive situations and were the longest tenured animals at the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association. We met a represntivie from the shelter who had so much passion for helping these animals it was contagious. These are people who will do whatever it takes to keep pushing forward and keep helping these animals. The flooding has taken a major toll on everyone, but their spirits are undaunted. The animals came back with us on our flight and were we met Western PA Humane Society. WPHS, we gotta say, are something else. The first thing they said was “lets go get more!” The team over there is ready and willing to make room for these animals.

We saw the best of the best today. Passionate people willing to go to any length to help. No Dog Left Behind is honored and humbled to be in the company of animal rescue heroes.

All three of these dogs will be available in a few days from Western PA Humane Society. Please. Adopt one of them. Complete their special journey.