34 animals are saved. They came from all over, each one with a pressing need and a heartbreaking story. From gunshot wounds, to having to learn to walk again from disease, each one more deserving of the next for a second chance. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Lynda and Dave Manko headed for Wytheville, VA this morning to meet Pawmetto Lifeline, HEART: Help Every Animal Reach Tomorrow, and Christine Brown. There the teams loaded a RECORD amount of weight in the Landplane with all of these large dogs pushing us to the brink. Once they were situated the team headed back to our headquarters at Corporate Air, LLC. where No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Kelley Gresh and Kevin Survinski took over and set off on the second leg to meet Fetch and Release in Mississauga, Ontario. Two teams of pilots, one record haul, and 34 animals who woke up this morning without a chance but will sleep tonight with a second one.

5 teams today all banded together to make this happen. Teamwork saved these lives. Working together, cooperation, and the common bond of the love of animals. Its amazing to see.

If you are interested in any of these animals please contact Fetch and Release in Ontario. Let them know you are interested in the No Dog Left Behind animals.