Two missions today and a parade! First up pilots Jonathan Plesset and Jack Yankovich took the Saratoga to Charleston, WV to meet The Paws Squad who brought 3 dogs in from rural shelters who had no where else to go. These animals, with little or no hope, all saved by a team of people who believe in giving animals a second chance. The team flew in the extremely high winds back to Allegheny County where they met Beaver County Humane Society. The animals will be vetted and placed in the shelter this week. Beaver does an amazing job of finding these animals home and they think these dogs will be adopted by next week. Good work pilots!

We urge our friends to take a look, share the photos, and help these three find their furever homes by next Friday. If you know anyone looking for a dog please take a look at these three. They are filled with love and ready to make you their pack leader!!!

Please contact Beaver County Humane Society if you are interested in adopted any of these animals.