39 Dogs have been saved and given a second chance thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Lynda Manko and Kathie McConnell on the first leg then Lori Skovranko and Melissa Garvin on the second leg. Whew! The first leg left at 4am, after we were out at 2am cleaning from yesterdays (A rare feat for Jonathan and Brad) trip for Ashland, Kentucky. There we met the amazing folks at Ashland Animal Rescue Fund and loaded up for the return back to Pittsburgh. Once we get back we will unload and play with all these doggies before we load back up with the second team for Hamburg, PA where our friends at North Shore Animal League America will take possession. A huge trip that required two different Landpliots teams, a first for us! Amazing work everyone! thats 95 dogs in the last 24 hours for No Dog Left Behind and roughly 2000+ miles driven.

SPECIAL SUPRISE!!!!! We need your help everyone. If you wanna come out today to 15 Allegheny County Airport and play with doggies while we give them a break please come. We plan to arrive at 3:45pm. You will see the Landplane in front of the Corporate Air building. Come out and see a mission happening in real time.

All of these animals will be available in the next few days from North Shore. Please contact them if you want to adopt. Spread the work and lets get all 95 adopted by next week!