56 dogs gathered from all over the South have received a second chance today thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Kathleen Yarnick and Cindy Lee. The team spent their Memorial Day holiday on the road driving out to meet the folks at Martinsville Henry County SPCA. After an overnight rest stop the duo loaded up and left for a small town outside Philadelphia to meetNorth Shore Animal League America where these animals will have a quick stop on their way to their furever homes. While it may be surprising to see so many young dogs the reality is that without these trips these animals would have had no place to go and no chance to become someones favorite pet. Its sad to think about but it is this reality that makes these Landpilots spend 48 hours away from home in a truck to make a difference. Bravo Kathleen and Cindy!

The team is enroute back to Pittsburgh tonight and we are going to be at the Airport past 1am getting the truck ready to go on the road again tomorrow. Hard work but we will all enjoy the feeling of seeing 56 animals survive. Tomorrow we go East!

All these animals will be available from North Shore in a few days. Please contact them if you are interested and let others know that these cuties are going to be there.