It was a record breaking mission today for the Air Team. Pilots and No Dog Left Behind Co-founders Brad Childs and Jonathan Plesset took the Saratoga to its limits and in the process rescued 17 animals today, the most ever in the airplane. 17 animals that had no where to go, no shelter to take them, faced a bleak choice. Either move today or become another sad statistic in the losing battle to prevent unwanted animals from dying tomorrow. Our partners at The Paws Squad came through and these dogs were given a second chance at the Lancaster County SPCA. When we returned back to Pittsburgh we got word that three dogs were already claimed. Word of their arrival spread through social media instantly. The power of sharing news saves animals. Please, share this post. Your shares send people to the shelter. Great work everyone and thanks Jonathan and Brad. It was just like old times.

These animals will all be available from the Lancaster SPCA. Please contact them if you are interested in any of these animals. Move fast though, they already have a ton of interest in these No Dog Left Behind Flyers.