Something really special is happening right now on a highway 3 hours from here. 22 dogs who faced a bleak future are headed to Pittsburgh in our Landplane. These animals are receiving a second chance today at a new future. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Joe Thornton and Susan Randell ventured out on a 500 mile trip to make this a reality. This rescue is the result of a partnership between the ASPCA, the Western PA Humane Society, and our Team. Three organizations brought together by a common goal, giving hope to the hopeless. When compassionate people band together amazing things can happen. There are plenty of unsung heroes in this story. Too many to thank all at once. But know this, the next time you wonder if you can make a difference look at the example people in these organizations have set. They do what it takes to leave No Dog Left Behind.

All 22 of these animals will be available in the next few days from the Western PA Humane Society. Share this news with everyone. We want to see a line at the doors of the shelter. Maybe someone might even see that one animal that has been in the shelter for a while and take him/her home. We are counting on our Pittsburgh friends to spread the word. Let’s empty out the shelter everyone. We can make it happen.