There are so many good people out there just trying to do whatever they can to help animals in crisis. We recently met the amazing folks at Mahoning County Dog Pound who desperately needed to get 5 animals who had run out of time out of their shelter. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Joe Thornton and Carolyn Dombrosky set out today to rescue 5 animals and give them a second chance at Western PA Humane Society. The team set out early this morning for Youngstown, OH to meet the dogs and bring them back to Pittsburgh. Not a bad way to spend a Friday Joe and Carolyn.

These five dogs will be available from Western PA Humane society in a couple of days. We urge you to take a look and take one these amazing animals home. Please share the pics with anyone you know that is looking for an animal. We want to see a happy story unfold from this. Please help us.