A little snow can’t stop us from going to save 41 dogs and 5 cats. The Landteam is on the road today braving the snow to give these animals a second chance. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Kim Curtis and Lisa Lamm departed yesterday to meet Martinsville Henry County SPCA and 46 lucky soles who need more than anything a new loving home. The team met up with North Shore Animal League America and delivered their precious cargo. Now they are braving the snow to make it back home so we can turn around and leave tomorrow for another mission. Great work today team. Lets get these animals into a loving home.

We can’t possibly respond to every inquiry so please remember that these animals are going to North Shore Animal League America where they will have a chance to go to a loving home in about a week. Please contact North Shore if you are interesting in adopting these animals.

See more photos at www.facebook.com/pittanimals