Teamwork saved 27 animals yesterday. If the world operated like it does with our group of friends we could solve any problem. Three groups got together and 27 animals now have a second chance at life. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Cindy Lee and Paula Zetter took the Landplane over 650 miles roundtrip to meet Tunica HumaneSociety. With 27 dogs onboard the duo met up with Western PA Humane Society and safely delivered them to their second chance. Watching all the pieces fall into place on missions like this makes everyone at No Dog Left Behind smile. We are so proud of everyone who made this happen. When we work together we can achieve our mission; No Dog Left Behind.

All of these animals will be available at Western PA Humane Society in a few days. We need your help everyone. Share these pics everywhere you can. We want to create a huge line at WPHS’s door. Lets make it our goal to empty the shelter with adoptions. We need your help. You are all on the No Dog Left Behind Team. Make us proud!