A few days ago we learned about a rescue effort being made by Animal Rescue Corps. Over the course of a few days they gathered up 130 animals in rural parts of Tennessee and Kentucky. These were animals rescued from hoarding situations, abandonment, and law enforcement seizures. Unfortunately these animals came from the worst possible conditions. We contacted ARC and they explained that they needed to get these animals to rescue shelters in Chicago and Louisville. Without hesitation we said yes. Our Landpilots instantly signed up for this huge mission. The first step was how would we be able to mobilize on such short notice with only one Landplane available. We called all of the car rental companies and none of them would allow us to rent vans for only one way. We were running out of time at this point. In order to make this trip work we need two more vehicles. Lucky for us our co-founders Jonathan and Brad offered up their respective company trucks to No Dog Left Behind for the mission. The Shadyside Inn Landplane and the Eyetique Landplane were born!

Six team members left Pittsburgh and drove 600 miles to Tennessee to meet the folks at ARC. After spending the night the teams awoke the following morning and loaded up their Landplanes with their precious cargo. 26 animals were going in the Shadyside Inn Landplane to Chicago and 24 animals were loaded in the No Dog Left Behind Landplane and Eyetique Landplane bound for Louisville. The teams plowed through tough terrain and weather conditions to make it to their destinations. 50 animals are now safe and sound and on their way to their forever homes. Over 3000 miles driven, 6 amazing volunteers, and the ultimate example of No Dog Left Behind. No Dog Left Behind, so proud of what we have accomplished!