44 dogs are going from danger to safety today. On a cold and snowy day Landpilots Lynda Manko and Laura Fruehan have made the two day 1200 mile trek to save these animals from becoming another sad statistic. This duo holds the No Dog Left Behind all-time record for the most number of dogs saved. They keep racking up the saves and devoting days and days of their lives to being on the front lines of helping make sure we live up to or motto of No Dog Left Behind.

All of these animals are on their way to the world biggest and most respected no-kill shelter, North Shore Animal League America. We are asked why so many animals go there. Its simple, these animals have the best chance of finding their furever homes. We want to save lives by taking action. Words can only do so much. The action of people who wake up and make a difference to help animals is who we are.

All of these animals will be available from North Shore in the next week or so. If you see one you like or you think someone else would like please call (516) 883-7575 and reference the No Dog Left Behind Transport.