We are back! 2016 starts off with a bang, 44 puppies on their way to a new life today thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots John Busin and Mike Lowe. The Duo left yesterday for Martinsville Henry County SPCA and today picked up their precious cargo. The reports from the road are that while these puppies are adorable, they are the stinkiest passengers we have every had. In our experience there is a inverse relationship between the size of the doggie and the amount of noxious gases they produce. Two words guys, Hazard Pay.

All of these dogs are going to arrive tonight at North Shore Animal League America. Please direct all questions about adoption to them. Their phone number is (516) 883-7900. Unfortunately we don’t have additional information on specific dogs. NSALA does though!

Don’t forget to share the puppy pics so we can drive adoptions to our friends at North Shore.