There are 40 dogs today who woke up this morning not knowing that by tonight they would be saved. 40 dogs who might not have had a tomorrow, given the second chance they need to find a family to call their own. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Mike Lowe and Donna Krepin spent two days on the road to give these dogs a second chance. The duo just dropped off these animals to our friends at North Shore Animal League America. These lucky ones will spend little time at North Shore since somewhere there is a family seeing these pictures. They will spot that special dog and take them home. We can’t do it without you. When you share these pics you spread the word and create a chain reaction that leads to adoption. Thank you FB friends for helping us leave No Dog Left Behind.

All of these dogs will be available at North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, New York. Please contact them at 516-883-7900 if you are interested in any of these special dogs.