20 Puppies and 17 Adult Dogs are on their way to a new life after No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Kevin Survinsky and Cindy Lee piloted the Landplane from Pittsburgh to Charleston, WV this morning. These 37 dogs were pulled from an area with conditions so bad it makes us emotional to talk about. These places need help and so many people are banding together to make a difference. With the help of an army of foster families, who bravely gave these dogs to our team, and the amazing lifesaving work of The Paws Squad these animals are loaded up and off to their way to a brighter future. Danger to Safety. Its what fuels our team to make these 15 hour missions. Please consider supporting us. Something as simple as sharing these stories directly helps these animals.

One quick story. Kevin and Cindy had a comical morning when one of the foster dogs locked their owners out of their car during the pickup! With a little help from AAA they were able to help the foster family get back into their car. Dogs can be a little mischievous!