38 dogs are being spared from going without a home or worse, being euthanized today thanks to our No Dog Left Behind Landteam. Landpilots Christine Span and Michael Lowe are on a 1600 mile rescue from Tunica HumaneSociety to Pittsburgh. The animals are going to our partners at Western PA Humane Society where they will be available for adoption after they pass through quarantine. This is part of a new push for our team to open up a run further south. Tunica is an amazing shelter in Mississippi. We plan to dedicate a second Landplane to do this run a few time a month if we can raise the funding for the second van. We are thrilled to see these animals come to Pittsburgh and we hope you will come out in droves to adopt them.

Please direct all inquiries on adoption to Western PA Humane Society. Tell them you want one of the Tunica/No Dog Left Behind dogs.