Sometimes rescue missions put our pilots at risk. How far will you push to save these animals. Pilots Bob Calabrisi and Kristi McClellan suffered a total vacuum failure in the air. Their plane was crippled and their ability to continue meant flying without critical instruments that indicate the airplane flying straight, measuring altitude, and airspeed. Most pilots would turn back. Turning back though would mean these five animals would have run out of chances. Once they are in the air decisions on what to do are only for the pilots to make. After deliberating they concluded that could push through and pickup 5 animals in Charleston, WV. Relying only on their training, and the use of an iPad, they completed their mission. The team landed safely with all 5 animals on board. Once back in Pittsburgh the duo met pilot Jack Merrit who will transport these animals from Pittsburgh to outside of New Jersey. Our pilots have the right stuff.