35 dogs have been saved today by Landpilots Judy Richer and Donna Krepin!. The duo set out yesterday for their 35 hour two day mission to bring these animals from Danger to Safety. The team is on the road as we write and on their way to deliver the animals to North Shore Animal League America. After a visit with the vet they will be available for adoption at the worlds largest no-kill animal shelter. Amazing. So happy to see another 35 animals rescued by what we believe to be the best volunteer staff in the country.

All of these animals will be available for adoptions from North Shore. Please contact them via their website animaleague.org. There is one special surprise though waiting. Stay tuned for an update on this mission in a few hours.

These missions happen because of your support. Sharing our posts and our story, purchasing one of our calendars, coming to our events, and having donors willing to step up and match $50,000 worth of donations between now and the end of the year makes it all happen. Thank you friends. You inspire all of us.