42 puppies are going from Danger to Safety today courtesy of Landpilots Jan Kerr and Joe Thornton. The duo is 24 hours into their mission and just loaded up the landplane and are now on the road to meet North Shore Animal League America. Today’s rescue mission is special. Today we are honoring two of our fury friends who have passed on. Laura Fruehan is one of our original Landpilots and now our office manager. She lost her 124 pound dog Bailey last week. Chip is a friend of No Dog Left Behind’s who lost his new puppy Rocco last week as well. Both animals will be happy to know that their parents did something special today by participating in a mission to save 42 animals. Our condolences to Laura and Chip. May your doggies have endless walks, unlimited treats, and free reign of the furniture forever. Great work Landteam. Another 1200 miles rescue in the books.

All 42 of these animals will be available from North Shore in a few days. We urge you to contact them if you see one on here that you would like to adopt.