41 dogs were saved this morning by Landpilots Judy Richer and Michael Lowe. The rockstar duo is roughly 23 hours into their mission and have the animals loaded up and on their way to meet North Shore Animal League America where these doggies will get the best possible care and the best chance at a new life. These 41 animals hit the rescue lottery! 1200 miles these Landpilots will have traveled over 34 hours for these animals. Why? Cause these 41 can be taken off the stat sheets from the 2.7 million animals that are euthanized each year. The No Dog Left Behind Team is strong…we are gonna go after all of them one day. Great work Judy and Michael. Drive safe.

All of these amazing animals will be available for adoption at North Shore once they clear the vets in around a week. Contact them if you are interested and let us know if one of our friends ends up with one.